Agharti: A city of evil martial arts masters and teachers located several miles below Mt. Everest.

Arcadia: The secret city of the Empyreans, located in Antarctica.

Atlantis: The fabled underwater city, home to the magic-wielding Atlanteans.

Gateway Station: UNTIL’s space station. (No connection to the overall term GATEWAYS used to describe this setting.)

Homestead: The headquarters of the Champions in Millennium City.

Lemuria: The hidden land of the Lemurians, ancient enemies of the Atlanteans and Empyreans.

Lyonesse: An extra-dimensional/underwater mystic realm located off the coast of Europe, home to (among others) the fiendish Fomorians.

Millennium City: The former City of Detroit, now built into a glittering, high-tech city; home to many superheroes… and villains. It was rebuilt after a massive attack by Dr. Destroyer in 1992.

Monster Island: An island near Japan inhabited by many strange monsters created by the Qularr.

Shamballah: A secret city located inside Mt. Everest, home to some of the world’s great martial arts masters.

Vibora Bay: A city on the Gulf Coast of Florida, known for its unique “flavor” and culture, and sometimes the site of some strange, mystic occurrences. Black Mask is its chief superhero.



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