BioMedTech, Inc.
CrossTech, Inc.
Daedalus Industries
Anubis Incorporated
Aphrodite Global
Advanced Innovation Research (AIM)

The Gateways universe, corporations stand among the most powerful, influential, and wealthy institutions in existence. One of the most powerful, Dominion Technologies, holds a virtual monopoly on the construction of gateways. Other companies, such as BioMedTech and CrossTech, own many smaller corporations, and maintain interests and offices around the world. Diversification is king.

The following corporations, although far from the only ones in existence, represent the most powerful or the most relevant to meta-humans in the Gateways setting. For the most part, such information exists as common public knowledge.

BioMedTech (NYSE BMT)
Primary: Bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, genetic alterations
Corporate HQ: Chicago, IL (USA)
Branch Offices: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Cairo
CEO: Braddock Kane
Slogan: “We unlock your potential.”

Of all the corporations dealing with meta-humans, BioMedTech (sometimes referred to as “BMT”) has a mixed reputation. The corporation made world headlines for its breakthroughs in genetic enhancements, cloning, and life extension. At the same time, the company has suffered several public relations disasters, including its first meta-human, Golem, and numerous problems with some of its age-extension drugs.
In an effort to repair its damaged image after the Golem fiasco, BMT created a meta-human codenamed Viper. Despite the potential for another disaster, Viper soon proved exceptionally popular, spawning a children’s cartoon, numerous action figures, and his own comic book series.
Over the years, BMT has survived more than its share of lawsuits, fines, and penalties. Most recently, media reports uncovered evidence the corporation had dumped toxic waste illegally in several third world countries.
CrossTech, Inc. (NYSE CTI)
Primary: Computer and communications technologies, high-end avionics, energy weapon systems, missile defense systems, combat armor, satellite technology
Corporate HQ: Chicago, IL (USA)
Branch Offices: Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Baton Rouge, Miami, Boston, New York, Liverpool, Helsinki, Ankara, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo
CEO: Anton Cross III
Slogan: “Fulfilling the promise of tomorrow.”

Of all the corporations involved with meta-humans, CrossTech represents one of the most diversified and well respected. Anton Cross has acquired a reputation for being a reliable businessman with impressive generosity. Because of its quality products and technological edge, CTI has garnered contracts around the world for a wide array of technological items.
CrossTech made headlines when it formed its own legal, legitimate meta-human group in Chicago, the Champions. CrossTech provided the services and talents of the Champions to the city free of charge. Since then, the Champions have been a fixture in Chicagoland.
CTI remains famous for its superior weapons and defense technology. CTI won the U.S. military contract to design, test, and construct an anti-ballistic missile defense system for the United States. The Missile Defense System went active in 2004.

Daedalus Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE DXLI)
Primary: High-tech security and surveillance equipment, sensor packages, supercomputers, nanotechnology
Corporate HQ: Dallas, Texas (USA)
Branch Offices: Little Rock, St. Louis, Dayton, Bethesda, Anchorage, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Vienna, Glasgow, Rome, Cairo, Riyadh, Pretoria, Brasilia, Montreal, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Mexico City, Ankara
CEO: Andrew Merriweather
Slogan: “The Home of Intelligent design.”
Daedalus Labs boasts a collection of some of the most intelligent, creative, eccentric and productive researchers, scientists, and engineers on earth. DLI has a reputation for brilliance and innovation. They developed such pioneering advances as holographic memory, a technology that paved the way for development of artificial intelligence.
DLI enjoys a reputation for being somewhat closed and secretive. Employees of DLI and their families live within a large, self-contained community just outside of Dallas, Texas, known as “Wonderland” (named for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories), and are permitted only limited contact with outsiders. Conspiracy theorists spend much of their time coming up with stories about what “really” goes on at Wonderland, and where DLI really gets its technology.
DLI specializes in high-tech security equipment and defenses, microtechnology, and some of the most advanced supercomputers in existence. They have also pioneered the field of nanotechnology. For the most part, DLI does the research, but allows other companies to mass-produce the actual products.
One of the most advanced AI computers in the world, Colossus, works with DLI in discovering technological breakthroughs. DLI has taken every possible precaution to protect Colossus from WarTech’s biggest mistake, the killing machine Mechanon.

Dominion Technologies, Inc. (NYSE DTI)
Primary: Gateway technology, gateway stations, gateway power generation systems, gateway waste management
Corporate HQ: Zürich, Switzerland
Branch Offices: New York, Chicago, Quebec, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Kuwait City, Riyadh, Sydney, Manila
CEO: Louis Stromberg
Slogan: “Building bridges to the future.”

The wealthiest, largest, and most influential corporation on Earth possesses resources of the sort that most nations only dream. From the company’s earliest days, Louis Stromberg showed a remarkable ability to locate and hire the best scientific minds and engineering talents on the planet. Since the corporation’s founding, it has branched into dozens of other business ventures. Despite its diversification, however, DTI remains focused squarely on gateway technology.
The discovery of gateways began by accident during the atomic bomb attacks against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The concept of transdimensional portals again seemed plausible during the atomic and nuclear tests the U.S. conducted in the 1950s.
Louis Stromberg pioneered the field of transdimensional harmonics. He and his scientific team were the first to test and operate a stable gateway to another dominion. Since then, the company has grown staggeringly wealthy building new gateways across the world.
At present, DTI maintains a monopoly on the secrets of gateway construction. Only DTI constructs the gates, and only DTI possesses the secrets of building the portals. Other companies have attempted to create their own proprietary gateways, but with mixed to disastrous results (e.g., the Chengu disaster in 2008). China, determined to create its own gateways, has become increasingly belligerent towards the rest of the world. To date, Mr. Stromberg has refused to construct any gateways in China.
As an interesting side note, Louis Stromberg (who possesses three Ph.D.s) served as mentor to Anton Cross III, Braddock Kane, and Allison Creed – arguably, three of the most powerful and wealthy individuals on the planet (after, of course, Mr. Stromberg). These protégés represent some of the greatest minds, and their contributions to several fields of science and technology have been legion.

Northrop-Lockheed Aerospace (NYSE NOC)
Primary: Aerospace technology, design, construction, military/defense contracts (US)
Corporate HQ: Los Angeles, CA
Branch Offices: Newport News, Linthicum, Pascagoula, McLean, Bethesda, Arlington, London, Havant, Cordoba
CEO: Ronald Sugar
Slogan: “Mastering the Art of Innovation.”
Formed by the merger of Lockheed-Martin and Northrop Grumman, this aerospace company designs, tests, builds, and supplies the most advanced and powerful aircraft in the world. The military contract divisions of the corporation provide the U.S. and U.K. military services with their fighters, bombers, drones, and other aerospace equipment. The company’s civilian divisions build airframes and avionics for commercial jets.
With the recent influx of new technologies and the development of gateways, the corporation constructed the first unmanned probes sent into other dominions. The corporation has also built several prototype aerial weapon platforms for dealing with incursion threats. The experimental X-88 interceptor proved its value in a battle against dragons in the skies over Iowa in 2006.
The merger of Northrop-Lockheed followed the most acrimonious debate in the history of the corporate world. After the merger of Northrop Grumman with TRW, only three major defense contractors existed in the U.S. With this latest merger, charges of influence peddling and graft sparked tremendous controversy in the U.S. government and throughout the world. As part of the merger, Northrop shed several of its ongoing military contracts. These contracts passed to WarTech (see below).

Nova Communications, Inc. (NYSE NVC)
Primary: Media conglomerate
Corporate HQ: Los Angeles, CA
Branch Offices: New York, Minneapolis, Houston, Toronto, Nashville, Vancouver, Mexico City, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Oslo, Brasilia, Saigon, Melbourne, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, Manila
CEO: Jennifer Gates-Merrill
Slogan: “Bringing the world closer.”

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, media corporations have continued a process of mergers, buyouts, and hostile takeovers. By the dawn of the 21st century, this media giant stands as the largest, most widespread, and most influential.
Nova Communications has managed to break into every mass-market media in existence. The corporation owns movie studios, news networks, newspapers, DVD production facilities, dozens of magazines, one of the largest book publishers, and the largest music company on Earth. They dominate in the arena of on-demand electronic media delivery, and this has given it a significant edge over all competition. Nova owns, controls, or influences media outlets in every modern nation in the world. The CEO and founder, Ms. Jennifer Gates-Merrill, has declared her company’s intention to expand their market share into other dominions beyond this one.

Paragon Innovation Industries, Inc. (NYSE PIII)
Primary: Cybernetic enhancements, cyborg replacement, man-machine interface, artificial intelligence
Corporate HQ: San Francisco, CA (USA)
Branch Offices: Minneapolis, Nashville, Toronto, Milan, Novgorod, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Sydney, Manila
CEO: Embry Anantha
Slogan: “Explore the possibilities.”

This corporation, sometimes referred to as PI3, dominates the field of cybernetic enhancements, and cybernetic replacement and enhancement of humans. If something involves the fusion of flesh and technology, PI3 stands at the forefront in development.
The corporation has, through an all-out public propaganda drive, managed to calm many of the typical human qualms towards cybernetics. PI3 has proven invaluable to amputees, individuals with nerve or brain damage, and certain kinds of birth defects. They have marketed artificial limbs, eyes, vocal cords, blood, and certain organs. The corporation has also produced enhanced versions of human organs, such as artificial eyes with infrared vision or enhanced acuity.
Despite their growing popular reputation, PI3 has suffered a few public setbacks in the past decade. Several peer review scientific articles have provided evidence that some cybernetic replacements may cause nerve damage in subjects. The corporation denies the validity of these studies, and has offered evidence of its own from a vast array of clinical studies. Despite the growing furor, however, the corporation has received Food & Drug Administration approval for dozens of its patented inventions. The majority of PI3’s implants remain in use without evidence of side effects or injury.

Planetary Expeditions, Inc. (NYSE PXI)
Primary: Transdimensional domain exploration and exploitation
Corporate HQ: Ontario, Canada
Branch Offices: New York, Seattle, Phoenix, Juneau, Atlanta, London, Warsaw, Singapore
CEO: Richard “Rocky” Persaud
Slogan: “Exploring the past to create a better future.”

This relatively young corporation grew out of the need to explore and exploit new dominions through gateway technology. The company’s founder and CEO garnered support and assistance from Dominion Technologies, giving them a significant advantage over other firms. Although PXI is a relatively small corporation, it holds considerable power. The company has the best exploration and surveillance units available for interdimensional travel.
Some critics believe that PXI does more exploitation than exploration, and that their disregard for alien customs has caused numerous incidents and almost started a war after a disastrous first contact situation.

Primary: Weapon and defense systems, ballistic missile technology, space-based weapon platforms, covert surveillance systems, automated combat units
Corporate HQ: Norfolk, VA (USA)
Branch Offices: Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Anchorage
CEO: Allison Creed
Slogan: “Peace through superior firepower.”

If weapons are involved, WarTech is involved. WarTech stands proudly behind its none-too-subtle name and provides some of the most powerful, diverse, and widespread weapon systems in use today. WarTech deals in standard weapons, high-tech weapons, and even space-based weapons. Their weapons have proven themselves in countless conflicts and wars across.
WarTech is perhaps most famous for its winning contribution to the U.S. Army’s Advanced Weapons Development Project (AWDP). WarTech designed and produced a prototype armored combat suit. Although the suit remains in the experimental stage, it has seen action in numerous hot spots around the world. Numerous nations and corporations are interested in the AWDP suit (known as the “Titan T-MP”) for use against potential meta-human threats.
WarTech has suffered some public relations problems and legal difficulties due to its sales practices. On several occasions, WarTech has sold weapons to both sides in a conflict. WarTech has earned the ire of the U.S. government for selling weapons to the Russians (outdated though such may be). Despite the issue’s seriousness, however, the U.S. government seems unwilling to prosecute its chief arms providers.
Due to the nature of WarTech’s business associations and contracts, they only maintain branch offices in the U.S. Rumor holds that the corporation does business elsewhere through subsidiary corporations.
Ultimately, one of WarTech’s biggest failures and most embarrassing incidents revolved around the Mechanon Project. As part of WarTech’s ongoing efforts to develop automated combat systems, the corporation developed a robotic assault machine (a “mecha”) known as “Mechanon.” The machine possessed an onboard AI system and the most lethal weapons known to man.
In the early testing phase, Mechanon proved a lethal and efficient combat unit. It surpassed expectations and seemed poised to outmode all other weapon platforms.
Unfortunately, Mechanon’s onboard AI malfunctioned (although some reports suggest a saboteur reprogrammed the machine’s AI). The unit decided to break free of its jailers and pursue its own agenda. Mechanon soon revealed his ultimate goal: eradication of all sentient organic life on Earth. To date, his schemes have failed, but only just, and only due to the ongoing efforts of various meta-human groups, most notably the Guardians (in Los Angeles) and the Defenders (in Seattle). The unit has shown a remarkable ability to learn from its mistakes.



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