Character Limits

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The HERO System offers unparalleled flexibility in game design. It allows you to create any character you want, with the primary limit being the number of character points a beginning character starts with. Within those initial points, it is possible to build a character that is either overwhelmingly powerful or a complete wimp in combat. The first is usually fun for no one — certainly not the other players at the table. The latter is fun for no one, including the hapless player.

What follows are a few brief guidelines and limits for building a character. These guidelines are not absolute and can, with GM permission, be altered, BUT ONLY FOR VALID CHARACTER CONCEPT REASONS. In most instances, you should be able to build your character concept on the standard point allotment and with the guidelines described here.

Most villains will fall within these guidelines, but there are some villains who go far beyond them. Such bad guys are the toughest villains in the GATEWAYS setting, and your character should think twice before challenging them, at least without an ace hidden somewhere.

SPEED: The higher your character’s Speed, the more often he can act in a Turn. For the sake of balance, and to keep combats from going on too long, no character may have a Speed higher than 6 without special GM permission. Most characters should have SPD 4 to 6, with 4 or 5 being average unless there is a very good reason for them to be that fast.

Combat Value:

Damage Classes: Overall, your superhero’s attacks should do no more than 12 Damage Classes (DCs) before adding in bonuses (for maneuvers and the like). In the case of a signature power — one that is central to your character concept — a character may have one that goes a bit higher than 12 DCs, but only with GM permission.

Active Points: On average, most powers should have no more than 60 Active Points in them. For certain signature powers, a character may be permitted to have a power of more than 60 Active Points (up to 75 typically).


Character Limits

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